I have a nurse that I used to work with that’s unsure about the vaccine.

She says she’s read somewhere that the vaccine causes the Delta variant and the vaccinated carrying it and giving it on!

It’s terrible how misinformation gets out!

This was my explanation to her.

NO the vaccine doesn’t cause the variant.

Remember the battle of Troy? How did they win the battle? By a wooden horse! Element of surprise!

Same with the virus!

Let say the first time the virus attack us our immune system is not ready for it so we get sick! And we recover as our immune system fights the virus.

Second time around our immune system can recognise the virus so it fights it as soon as it sees it.

The virus then realises they can’t infect as easy as they used to so they go undercover!

They change their appearance (variants) and attack. The body doesn’t recognise them and we get sick again!

All the vaccine does is to trigger an immune response so the body recognises the virus when it attacks and we don’t get sick when it happens or not as sick.

If the virus mutates then the vaccines have to then change as well!

Like the flu vaccines! They make new ones all the time to accommodate the mutations (variants).

And even if the vaccinated people caught Covid the symptoms are milder.

Research has found vaccinated people tend to clear their viral load faster which means they are infectious for a shorter amount of time than the unvaccinated.

Which in turns means the chances of them infecting others are smaller when compared with the unvaccinated.

High viral loads means the more infectious you are.

Then she told me the newer vaccines are made differently and so she doesn’t trust in them! And that they have been made too quickly and not enough time spent researching.

So I was at it again.

I told her of my experience. I too was dubious at first being a health professional and knowing trials takes years to complete.

I attended the Health department seminar and this was explained to us.

For research to take off you need money and a population to test the drug/vaccine.

When money was of no issue and Covid was so wide spread. Both of these requirements were met. Hence why it cuts years.

As for the way in which they act this was my understanding from reading up on it!

They are like a prodrug.

Some drugs due to absorption issues and whatever else are made as prodrugs.

It means the body has to do something to it to make it into the active form for it to act.

It is the same in this case for the mRNA vaccines. They serves as codes for the body to make the spike proteins that’s like what’s on the surface of the Covid virus.

**traditional way would be to try to make the spike proteins in the lab and then try to inoculate us with them.

The newer vaccines are made this way to be more efficient and thus saves time.

When there are new variants coming all the time the only way to get on top of the virus is to be one step ahead.

If we follow the old ways of making vaccines we won’t be quick enough and then we will be stuffed.

I’m writing this post for Mr Walkies..I know you are hesitant.

I’m not brave for getting vaccinated. I listen to reason and for me it is a good enough reason to keep my family safe.

All of my family are vaccinated including my parents , siblings and kids.

Please go get vaccinated! Protect yourself and your little family. Even if you don’t trust what’s out there? You know you can trust me.

We are going to open up soon! And with it comes great risks and many more deaths!

And even if there’s no deaths the long term effects of Covid is pretty bad. That’s why I did it!

I want to see you on the other side! I’d hate to lose someone special to me. 😘😘