Post! As I’m working tomorrow!

I went wandering again yesterday! In a different direction!

To the Paris end of Melbourne.

Not sure if I’d posted this before!

Love the roof! And the windows and the window boxes. I wonder how much these apartments sell for?

Makes me think of Europe. Would love to go there one day!

I love old buildings.

This is along Exhibition St! Dodgy part of town in the olden days! The red light district!

I think I wouldn’t mind riding along here! Big bike lane and separation between cars and bikes.

I forgot about the gilded gold!

Look at the little dragons!

And the mansard roofs!

Our Parliament House under Reno!

Our old Treasury designed by a 19 years old back in those days!

We rode in today! I had a head start and beat him to it 😂 I must be getting faster! A kind young man helped me up the steps at the underpass.

Lunch today. I made smoked salmon mini quiches! I had 3 he had 5!

Brown onion, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, smoked salmon, dill, pepper.

Egg mixture: 1.25 cups of milk and 4 eggs.

Puff pastry= ready bought ones.

Now I’ve got to go make another batch!