Just flies.

Another lane way.

Mr Wanderer took me cycling again. We ended up having lunch in the city and then a coffee before heading back.

Only to be caught in the middle of the protest. I’ve never been so scared in my life!

They were intimidating! Thugs! They blocked the whole intersection and the trams were all piled up! I couldn’t even contemplate riding through it. We were on Swanston (cathedral).

A girl that was walking saw us stopping and asked if she could walk with us across the intersection. I replied yes. So she walked in between our bikes.

Mr Wanderer stayed on to film the police charging once the stand off was over!

Looking down Swanston with Fed Square bottom corner (right) and Flinders St station bottom corner (left).

St Paul’s cathedral top corner (right) and Young and Jackson’s pub top corner (left)

I could hear a guy intimidating a passers by behind me thus as soon as I got to Federation Square I got on my bike and rode all the way home.

I’m embarrassed to say I was scared in a city I called home. I’ve always felt safe in Melbourne. And on Tuesday I was scared. I feared for my life.

Mr Wanderer thought it was all exciting! I guess he has never lived in a war torn country so he seeks excitement. I seek peace!

After a shower Mr Wanderer dropped me off on the way to his second AZ jab. I don’t think I’ll see him again any time soon.

How cute? A couple? They follow each other around.

Different scenery. Albert Park lake.

My girl friend and I walked around the lake. It’s about 5km.

It’s a man made lake.

I walked back via Albert Park village. Just to window shop. To see what’s there.

Love the old buildings.

A devout Blues supporter.

I’ve always wondered what was this building about?

They had their gate opened so I had a peep 😂

It’s a convent!