Has happened. Been bluey so haven’t been posting.

The protests has died down somewhat.

I took myself to Footscray the other day. Thursday?

Then went to the park to eat.

The bull dogs lost the grand final! None of my teams made it!

In the afternoon I went to Albert Park lake again. How cute are they? They follow their parents around.

Friday I stayed home all day. Was really down. Not very happy with Mr Wanderer. I was in the dumps. Didn’t achieve much.

On Saturday I rode in.

After I bought a new bell for my bike

Treated myself to some Argentinian food.

Their steak sandwich was humongous. $18 later!

A bird took a bite out of my sandwich! Not that one! The other one scooped overhead and well I just tore off that bit and ate the rest.

I didn’t go far.

From one end

From the other end.

Another lane way as I took myself to Parliament house to have a peek. The police were in a row making a barrier.

Thank goodness I didn’t ride to St Kilda as there were protests there.

Sunday I walked in after I went to the market.

How cute is this?

I’m making home made Char Siu or BBQ pork. The store bought one don’t cut it anymore.

It’s in the fridge marinating. I’ll have to go make my wontons now as Mr Wanderer is coming after lunch for a bike ride.

He owes me big time. I’m still upset at him. Haven’t seen him since Tuesday afternoon.

He lets his friend (housemate) walk all over him. No respect whatsoever. It’s me me me!

I told him again last night. I’m a very reasonable person. I give people chances but not when they keep on repeating themselves.

I have no patience or respect for someone when they have no respect for you or me!

He kept me waiting an hour last Monday! His friend grabbed him as he’s about to leave to ask him to mind the kids so he could go get a bottle of wine.

And of course Mr Wanderer said yes.

Well the bottle shop is 2 minutes drive away! And if you’re considerate you’d be as quick as you can so not to put your friend out!

Nope that wasn’t the case! Selfish prick! I don’t care if he’s a lawyer and earns good money! I’m over the selfish prick!

Worse of all Mr Wanderer stood up for his friend.

I was like I could understand it if he had to go into hospital and asked you to mind the kids! For a bottle of wine? Nope! He could have taken his kids with him!

Plus he had all day to sneak out whilst you were home!

And no excuses! You bring kids into this world you cope with your kids! Everyone does! Including me! What about his ex-wife? She has his kids more than him?

Oh may be she copes better? Awhile back you said she wasn’t? You’re contradicting yourself!

And because of him trying to make up to me he plugged the freezer into the power board and then the power board into itself!

My whole freezer worth of food had to be thrown out last night when I discovered what he’s done!

So much for playing damsel in distress.