After lunch turned out to be after 3:30pm! I was annoyed but then he was supposed to be at work.

He asked me where I wanted to go? I told him may be further than the city? So we rode to Richmond.

* maps are from Apple and Google.

We followed the trail to the wetlands which was about 9.1km away.

We ended up in Burnley. After the round about we turned left and rode along next to the freeway. Up to Madden then down again to cross Barkly gardens at the Southern end.

After Barkly we snaked up and then down again on the very last street before Church to the dead end and finally U turned to go on to Church.

From Church we rode up. Then I think we took Balmain and went exploring around there.

We ended up going under the underpass at East Richmond station to end up at Coles.

Then we grabbed coffee along that strip on Swan further left.

After that we made our way to Rowena Corner store.

Well it took us two gos! He got his streets wrong. It didn’t join to Rowena. So we U turned to hit Swan again and went up Lennox.

I rode empty handed and he rode holding on to two cups of coffee.

He can ride with no hands on the handle bars so I guess it wasn’t much of a challenge!

We finally made it! To where he wanted us to have coffee.

Two cups of coffee/chai latte intact!

I was dreading the ride back as we either had to back track or go on roads and fight our way with cars and trams.

In the end there was no need. We rode along Rowena to find there was traffic lights to cross Punt! Busiest road in Melbourne!

We crossed over to the MCG and rode home via the bridge.

Guess if it was just me and I’m lazy I could have caught a train from one of the stations near by back to Flinders St or Southern Cross and ride home from there.

The bridge crossed over to Birrarung Marr and Fed Square.

Bike paths of Melbourne.

I had time to make the Char Siu

Home made yummy goodness. I did it with belly pork. He wasn’t fond of the fat so don’t think he enjoyed it as much as I did.

It’s looking okie out today. I think I might ride into the city for lunch. This afternoon I’m meeting a friend for a walk. Both of us are vaccinated so we are good to go.

Tomorrow we can go 15km lol. It means I can meet up with my kids for a walk.