In these locked down times it’s probably worth it for some amusement since we can’t go to the shops! I’m thinking of getting a membership!

Costco is the loophole! Since it is classified as a supermarket and essential it gets to stay open! And that means you can go in and buy tools, undies, white goods and whatever else! Not like the other retailers that was forced to close and only trade online.

My friend wanted to go to Costco yesterday and she was a bit hesitant to go by herself. So I tagged along to help her manoeuvre the trolley to her car.

I used to have membership but I let it lapse. The reason was their packs are huge and well we didn’t eat that much!

It’s cheap though! That huge chicken was $7. If you’re to buy it at Coles or Woolies it would be around $10-$11. And it’s not as big.

She did offer to pay for the groceries should I needed anything and I can pay her back. Nothing caught my eyes!

We finished the shop with some snack from the cafe. I had a hot dog and soft drink for $2.

Thus ended up with noodle soup for dinner.

We had a spike in our cases yesterday it’s 1400+ new cases! Probably going to be in the thousands soon!

What did they expect? The thousands that protested! The long weekend celebrating the footy grand final.

We are all fatigued! Nearly a year of lockdown! So of course people go visiting and got together quietly to celebrate. Or just to see their loved ones!

I’m sure most people are breaking the rules by now! No one can survive lockdown this long and haven’t broken one! It’s doing our heads in. Our premier is known as Dictator Dan!

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the numbers today.

Not me! Not going to make a difference to my life! I’m over it!

Work has been so busy it’s awful! By 5:30pm I caught myself making errors so I stopped. The last half an hour was used to tidy up the department and leaving a hand over. I couldn’t risk it. Plus it’s all to help out the pharmacist on the next day. I always do more than asked.

Hopefully next week I get some reprieve as they are cutting electives by 50%.

It’s in anticipation for the spikes in cases once we open! I’m in the private sector which will no doubt be called in to help out the public hospitals.

Fingers crossed we get some rest before the chaos starts.