I decluttered! Donated my little stand to the complex.

My towels are now in a basket I got from my girl for Christmas.

I’ve been cooking! This was yum! Garlic, oil then anchovies, olives, cherry tomatoes and then the sea perch went in with some Bundaberg rum!

Spinach to wilt and chilli flakes and dill to finish it off! I didn’t have any basil! The dill was for another dish which I haven’t gotten around to making.

As for the rum I’ve been using it in my cooking now in lieu of red/white wine. No need to finish off the bottle!

Mr Wanderer invited me to dinner last night.

He said he had some very nice lamb! So I packed up whatever vegies I had in my fridge and some fruit and drove over.

I prepped the vegies and he cooked. Only found out it was dinner for 3 when I was there 😩

I would have been really annoyed if his housemate has joined us for dinner. By 7pm I was like it’s 7!

He was like I’d better feed you before you get grumpy! We didn’t eat til 8pm because the fire wasn’t ready.

His pig faces are blooming. Last time I was there a few months ago I didn’t think they would do that well. For some reason there’s an odd one out! It’s yellow!

I spent the morning clipping all the dead flowers. I weeded as well.

I also gave the Yuccas a hair do! It was growing into each other.

His succulents are doing extremely well.

Close ups.

This morning he was supposed to go cycling with his sister at 11am. He deferred it so we could get some work done and have lunch together.

He asked me if eggs and tomatoes on toast is okie? I was like it’s okie. I knew he had some lamb left from last night!

I went rummaging and found an avocado, half a tomato and a few cups of mushrooms in his little bar fridge.

We ended up with toasts, avocado, tomato, mushrooms, pineapple (from home), eggs and lamb.

He cooked everything on the BBQ except for the bread and avocado.

We only had 1 lamb cutlets each as he only wanted a light lunch. It was yum!

He’s finally made it back into my good books. He cooked last night then he washed up. This morning I prepared breakfast and he washed up again.

He made me a cup of tea whilst I was gardening and he also cooked and washed up at lunch too.

I’m easily pleased lol.