We rode in. Our views of the mall and GPO for morning tea. If you look carefully the stones of the upper levels are not the same as the lower levels.


Elizabeth St was proned to flooding. Thus it took them forever to build the GPO.


We ended up with fried sushi for lunch.

The end result! I added in peas and corn and some Kim chi.He’s since gone home and I’m relaxing!

I submitted another two applications today and one hospital has already gotten back to me. It was a shocker! Last time was when I submitted to Geelong! He got back after 5 minutes. Today I lodged it at 3:07pm and she rang me at 3:21pm.

They must be desperate as the closing date isn’t til end of next week. Usually they don’t call you for an interview until close of applications.

Anyhow it means it’s good news! Here is hoping I don’t bomb out again. 😂

It’s only a 6 months contract but once you get your foot in the door there’s always more work! It’s getting in that’s hard! It’s a case of them having to train you so it’s just easier to retain trained staff.

Plus don’t think this position is that great! Wouldn’t be appealing to the young ones. It’s rehab! And palliative care! Plus whatever else! As it is spread over 3 campuses.

One of the younger pharmacists commented to me once. Rehab? You only need to give them pain killers and laxatives 😂

I’m not fussed either way! It’s to tie me over until our borders open up for tours. It will also be a stepping stone back into the public system. The position is 20 hours a week plus my existing 10 hours means it’s a lot.

Also one of the campuses is an hour away! Lots of driving.

I’m still waiting for the other hospital as well. The other one is private and much closer to me! I can actually ride there or catch a tram there. Plus it’s less hours. It’s only another 16 hours over 2 days. Giving me a break on the Thursday and work the Friday and then the Saturday til 2pm.

Anyhow we will see. What’s meant to be is meant to be.