Of a day.

Tuesday morning he was like what’s your plans? I said it would be nice to go wandering somewhere like a winery and have lunch?

The one he wanted to go to only offered a picnic box. I was fine with that! He wasn’t! He was like it’s hot!

As you can guess that didn’t happen! We ended up having breakfast at his brother’s then he needed to fix the fly screen at his rental.

Before we left he asked his brother what their plans were and told him to book the cafe down the road!

I was livid! I waited the whole weekend to have some time together just us and well that went out of the window!

So he drove me begrudgingly to the city centre. On the way there we stopped at a little emporium place to browse.

Then to a cafe for a drink. He wanted milk shake but the cafe didn’t have it. So we ended up with an iced coffee each.

I told him how I felt! Only then did I realise he’s asked me what time I’m heading back to Melbourne? So he could tee up dinner with his parents. I thought it included me? Nope! It didn’t!

I was like I have one day with you? And we are having lunch with your brother? And now I am having dinner alone?

He was like okie I’ll ring mum! He also whinged about me leaving it up to him to plan the day so it’s not his fault that he decided to have lunch with his brother! It’s my fault!

I was like you’re the local? I thought you knew where to go? If not I would have planned something!

After that he wanted to go walkies around the block to use up our 45 minutes parking. To which he spent it in the bicycle store talking to the bike guy. I just waited.

Then we headed to the lake to drop me off there whilst he did work on the rental.

It’s A Heartache (Bonnie Tyler) came on the radio and I bawled my eyes out. He told me they played it at his first Blue Lights disco and the girl broke his heart. Couldn’t have been that memorable as he couldn’t recall her name?

I said to him you’re breaking my heart.

We made it back just in time for lunch. To make matters worse the cafe only served breakfast stuff! We had a bacon and egg breakfast already and well the only thing I saw that was edible was a kids’ meal chicken nuggets and chips! Or the Caesar salad.

I ended up with a Caesar salad, no egg and a smoothie.

To make up to me he did drive me to two wineries! One didn’t serve us and one was closed!

We ended up back at his brother’s to have ice cream and berries I bought for the night before. And for him to grab his lap top that he’s forgotten.

Then we headed to his parents for dinner. His dad was lovely. We got on like a house on fire. He invited me to stay over to help him with his gardens. His mum? She was nice enough. Not too sure about the dynamics.

Anyhow I drove home around 8pm. When I got home I texted him to say goodnight and to thank his parents for dinner.

And didn’t hear from him til 6:38pm last night (Thursday). He didn’t acknowledge any of my text that I sent on Wednesday morning or Thursday morning! It was as if he’s disappeared from the surface of the earth.

My friend was like you deserve better V. I don’t think he’s the guy for you.

Today I didn’t send him anything. This afternoon he rang. We talked for a bit. Then I asked him if he wanted to catch up tomorrow? Since I am having dinner with my kids on Sunday.

He replied sure! I think he owes me an explanation.