Gave up on him.

I went walkies with my friend yesterday.

Saw this on the way back.

And this. A rose garden.

We ended up with about a 16-17km walk. We felt it on the way home! It’s nice living here. We just dash to the shops, the market or the city. It’s so close that it doesn’t feel like exercise. It’s just a way of life. We just walk everywhere.

These are from last night when I went to dinner with Mr Wanderer.

I was annoyed at him! I messaged him to ask what time we were meeting up? And where? Since he didn’t let on!

It was late when he finally rang me at around 6:13pm! I was all upset as it felt like he didn’t want to go out because it’s pouring down! He said he was just stating the fact.

He sent me this! After I sent him mine!

Anyhow he hasn’t booked or nothing! And he wanted Thai or Vietnamese! Made me even more cross! It meant no effort whatsoever from him! And it was late! By the time he gets to my place and we head off we won’t get to the city til 7:30pm then still have to find somewhere to park and a place to eat?

He suggested meeting me in the city 😩 which made me extremely cross! I replied no! Come and pick me up!

I ended up booking Jinda Thai. I was very lucky to get us a booking at 8:15pm. Usually no such luck! You’d need to book way ahead. Must be because lots of people are away this weekend or the mere fact the unvaccinated people can’t dine in.

He hasn’t been there before and loved the food.

This morning we went for a short walk to grab a coffee but ended up with lunch.

He’s gone home now to work. As for me? I’m off to the market soon to grab some fruit and vegies then back again for a cake at 4pm.

Request from my daughter. She wanted a mango mousse cake.

After that I’m meeting my kids for dinner. Not sure when I’ll see him again.