Those that’s wondering why I’ve been quiet?

On Tuesday morning the agent rang me. He said there’s been an offer made. But the owner wanted a bit more. So I made an offer! I offered 10K more and then another 5K. Which was accepted.

I knew he’d give it to me. Since I told him I won’t sell until I’ve bought! Which meant all of my conditions were met! 5% deposit instead of 10! 3 weeks to seek finance and 120 days settlement to give me time to sell mine. Which was a big ask!

In return he gets commission from selling mine. It’s a win win!

I worked yesterday. This morning we did the photos and it will go on the internet today with old photos. It’s to buy us time.

The new ones will come tomorrow. Then my first open on Saturday!

I liked the apartment as it’s got 2 beds and 2 baths. I’ll get a proper car space! And a storage cage. My friend was envious as she hasn’t got one.

In all it ticked all of my boxes except it’s not on the ground floor 😩

Strategically I’ll be closer to the tram, bus at the end of the street and a tiny weeny bit closer to the beach and further from the shops. Give or take half a block.

From my balcony I have bay and city views down the street! So in all it’s a good move.

Anyhow I’m still in shock and very very tired!

Spent the last few days chasing bank approval. Getting my section 32 done. Cleaning up my place and styling for today.

I was so stressed out I had to practically sit down and do my sums. Turned out financially I’ll be okie. The wage from the hospital pretty much will cover my mortgage with a few hundred bucks left over a month.

I’ve also found a house keeping job in Port for $27 an hour plus Super. Three hours a day three days a week. Since they are business owners she’s told me there’s also office work if I wanted more hours.

In all it’s low pay but for the duties I’m to carry out it’s easy work.

So there goes. Financially I’m getting more secured and I’m happy.

The lockdowns has affected me badly. All this running around hopefully will reset me back to my old self.

Mr Wanderer took me out to celebrate on Tuesday. He’s like you’ve made it comfortable and now you’re selling?

Looking at my courtyard today I don’t really want to sell..I hope I’m not making a big mistake 😩