On Saturday night I went out with my meetup group. We originally had drinks. Then went to dinner too.

Mr Wanderer didn’t get to my place until late late.

Sunday morning we went cycling. This time we took another route into the city.

You could see them doing work on the Westgate bridge here.

We were trying to find where the punt was for next time we might go over to Williamstown for a longer ride.

Found it! All it does is cross to the other side. We didn’t have time.

We ended up in South Wharf for a coffee at the marina. Then came back to Port to have brunch.

After that he left to go sort out his rental and then on to Wagga. He’s catching up with a few friends there and then off to Albury tomorrow for work. He’s not due back til Thursday night. Hence he’s booked me in for Friday for something special. He won’t tell me what?

Today I went through my new place again with a friend to measure the walls. Look at the stairs access. And also find the rubbish room.

The last week has been quite stressful. Just realised I didn’t even exercise my 3 days cooling off period as I’d already sign with the agent to sell my place.

I kept on thinking I’ve made a mistake.

Last Saturday the open went really well. We had 12 groups through. It was a cracker of an inspection.

Fingers crossed it’s going to be a cracker of an auction in two weeks time.

As for the new place I think I’ve chosen well. It’s got good light. It’s also big enough to house all of my crap.

I think it chose me before I chose it. I feel at peace now. Everything is falling into place.