So we’ve had 3 opens and 18 groups through. Tomorrow we are opening again.

It means a good amount of interest. I am still waiting for my section 32 and sale contract. Fingers crossed we get it by Tuesday. Or else we might have to delay the auction which is not ideal.

My new job is going well. I tidied up and do the dishes and laundry on Monday and Friday. On Thursday I grocery shop and cook for them. She’s pretty flexible and both her and her husband are really nice.

My new job should cover my mortgage repayment so financially I’m pretty good.

The bank loan is on the way. They’ve got all of my paperwork now. I shouldn’t have any problem as I’m only borrowing about a third of what it’s worth. Not 100%!

In my spare time I have been window shopping for things that I might need. I’ll need beds for the kids for when they come visiting. Have decided to just get a KS and trundle. I’m not going to worry about wall beds and such.

Mr Boardie is right. Save money and just plop the bed in the corner. Originally I was thinking of a QS. But then it will take up most of the room which I’m not keen.

I’m also checking out ovens and cook tops. As I want to change the cheap stuff out. It’s getting exciting but I don’t think I’ll be excited until all my stuff are inside the place.