Now I can focus on my projects for the new place. Have sat down to draw to scale from the plans provided.

It’s quite faint as I kept on photocopying it. There’s an island in the kitchen with drawers. I have a separate laundry and a walk in robe.

The master suite will be a spare room and I’ll take the smaller one. Don’t think I want to sleep next to the clothes lines.

I wanted to move the power board a bit further down the wall so I can put in a barn door for the laundry. That way I can put in more shelvings.

Mr Boardie talked me out of it. He said that’s like $500 at least as it’s fiddly to move all the wiring.

May be a barn door for one of the bathroom? And I’ll make a noren curtain for my walk in robe.

As for sleeping quarters I’m not sure what I want to do. May be a sofa bed? That way it can be a second sitting area? More useful than a bed?

It can wait for now. My first priority is my kitchen. I want a new oven and cook top. I think I’m going to miss my kitchen.

My new kitchen. There’s only one sink with a drainer. I think they did a basic cheapo one. At least it’s got good bones. I can always upgrade.