For today! I’ve been busy! Silly me didn’t press publish! Went on the tour on Thursday last week 😩

I went on a tour.

A walking tour! This was on the way to the meeting place.

Don’t you just love all the street art?

The tour was in Mirka..a well known artist.

That’s her signature..round faces.

How cool is this hotel? Torlano in St Kilda.

It’s full of art.

Lots of work by her

I didn’t know she did so much?

Her contribution..

more street art

I just love them

We ended up with lunch at a Thai restaurant.

I had yummy soft shell crab salad for $18

I’m waiting to see if we are going away. He’s got a caravan to pick up tomorrow as he’s made an offer and it’s been accepted.

Here goes more adventures! The caravan is a foot longer and full height. Which means he can put in a shower.

He was hesitant about it before and I was like just buy it! You’ve been wanting to for years! And haven’t found one that you liked!

The van looked cute! Apparently it needs a lot of work! The exterior looked okie. Plenty of windows. Which means lots of light.

I went walkies with a girl friend tonight and ended up having dinner with her at the market.

It was yummo!