We sneaked away for an overnight trip.

Calmeade farm for coffee. It’s interesting to see that they can milk so many cows at once 😂

Then we went to Bass Hotel for dinner. Their Pub grub was quite yummy. And the bonus bit? You can just roll back into your caravan afterwards. They allow you to stay overnight on their grounds.

It’s very hard to find free camp grounds near the beach.

The next morning we headed to Kilcunda. I think I captured a beauty with this one! I love Kilcunda. It’s really pretty.


I went walkies whilst Mr Wanderer had this for his office views.

The beach car park had front seat views with all amenities.

We then headed to Loch village for lunch. I had the Brie and salmon and he had the corn fritters.

We finished off with coffee and shared a slice of passion fruit sponge.

The food was yummo! They served it with salad! The portions were tiny though.

I love country towns

And yes! If you ever need your sheep sheared this is the place to go.

Not sure what this is about?

We had dinner in Lang Lang. A simple meal of salmon and salad. He did the salmon whilst I made the salad.

I was starving as I gave him half of my tart for lunch and didn’t have half of his fritters back.

Should have known better! Country towns not much is opened on a Monday night!

He wanted to eat at home. I was like I can’t unless you give me a snack! So it made sense we stopped half way and bought stuff to cook dinner.

He spent the night trying to tow his new caravan down his driveway. It was quite a feat as the door has to face the garden not the fence as he wanted to do work on it.

I think it will be years before it’s ready for the roads. The outside looked like in good nick. The inside is not as good. He’s got to reline the ceilings and walls to get rid of the leaks first.