It’s the 27th here already. Christmas has come and gone.

I didn’t go to the family do. Was a bit teary. Mr Wanderer didn’t want to go. And well I don’t blame him. And because he didn’t I didn’t want to either.

Case of if you don’t accept a guy I’ve been dating then you’ve lost me.

He ended up organising a Christmas Eve surprise for me.

It was dinner and live music. The guy in the white is Mick Thomas.

It was a great night. Not too hot, not too cold.

We ended up in Brunswick again. It’s a cool suburb apparently. Well music scene wise.

I love old buildings.

You can see the city skyline from here.

Lots of hippies, alternatives and cyclists around! Look at the warning sign 😂

Christmas Day I was going to have the kids over. My aunty caught me just in time. I was in the city doing groceries. Turned out my cousin was home from the US so I carted my kids down to her for Christmas dinner.

It was a fun night catching up with my cousins and aunties and uncles. Little me didn’t get home til near 1am.

Yesterday I went window shopping. Well it started out as window shopping.

I had a look at Smeg ovens and cook tops. For the kids and me. The oldest was like our oven is fine. Yes it’s fine until the rack falls down.

The old Smeg oven had grooves in the side and well it doesn’t hold the racks properly. The new ones they’ve gone back to the normal side racks.

I’m going to upgrade my new kitchen to Smeg cooktop and oven. It’s too expensive to gut it and start over. If I can find the guy that did my stone top I’ll grab a new sink too.

I ended up buying a sofa bed. It’s a great one as you just press a button on the side and the bed slides out. I think I did well! I saved 1.7K!

I wanted their other one but when I went to try to convert it I couldn’t! It was really heavy to pull out. So I gave up!

The showroom girl had trouble too. She really had to pull to get it out.

Anyhow I’ve figured a KS would do. If there are three of them, the girls can sleep in mine and I’ll take the sofa bed. My boy can take the sofa.

Mr Wanderer is not due back til tomorrow for the cricket at the G.

I was going to use this time to help Mr Boardie move. Problem is he’s crook! He went to get his Covid test yesterday. So no go.

I can’t afford to catch his bugs as I’m due at the hospital Wednesday. I’m covering for the week so my in charge can have the week off.

And there goes my last week of 2021. Here is hoping 2022 is much better for everyone.