But I haven’t seen him.

I went walkies.

To dinner. I ate outside as was worried about Covid. Mr Boardie was like what? That’s where I caught it? At a small place on Hardware lane. I was like I ate outside! And early so not many around!

In the last week I knew a handful that’s positive. Never like that before. Omicron is terrifyingly fast at infecting people.

Discovered a new bar! Unless it’s always been there and I didn’t know about it? It looks cool.

Found it on the way to dessert. Okie I was naughty. I had two mini desserts. Mini rum baba and a mini tiramisu. Thus I asked for complimentary hot water. They are so fancy they served it in a teapot.

The city is alive again. The bar was at full capacity. There was a guy on top of bridge manning the sign.

Everywhere people is enjoying themselves.

After so many lockdowns it is nice to be out and about.

My garden is gone! My daughter’s boyfriend wanted it. The rest of the pebbles Mr Wanderer will grab for his shower area. Then I’ll spread the mulch back over.

I figured why should I leave anything? To awful people? It’s bad enough they are renting the place out.