I only had to go to sort out my client’s place on Tuesday. Thus I’m free all week except for work yesterday.

It sucked bad at work! All the close contacts not showing symptoms have to go to work. The policy states that you have to wear the N95 mask and do not take it off for the whole day.

Lunch is not allowed inside at all so apparently they’ve set up a temporary shelter in the car park for those staff to eat lunch. And we are in Summer here! It’s hot!

Mr Wanderer is back. He spent two nights camping. I only found out as I rang him on Tuesday night.

I took away some dinner in Box Hill before going to him last night. He tried to figure out his caravan and I helped with the garden.

I spent the night there. Nothing happened or this morning! He jumped out of bed to work on his pallet to hide the bins. I made breakfast.

Luckily I bought milk, berries and cherries last night before heading to his place. All he had was Weet Bix and his seeds! He offered them to me and I was like I’m not a bird!

Afterwards I weeded. His garden looks much better. By 11:30am I was hungry so warmed up left overs from last night for a snack.

Anyhow he said to me let’s go to the cafe and have something quick. As I’ve got a conference call at 1pm. By the time we got in the car it was 12:20pm.

He told me to follow his housemate. So made it half way down to the shops when I told him I’d rather cuddle. Plus part of me was sus that us following his mate meant we are eating with him which I’d rather not.

Don’t care that he’s a commercial lawyer and earn heaps! He doesn’t respect others and is insulting!

He offended me by saying Mr Wanderer’s brother pulled a shonky to get me my bank loan! I may not earn as much as him but then I don’t live in a share house either!

Mr Wanderer needed to get bread anyway so waited for him in the car and we headed home for cuddles.

The alarm went off and well he had to get change to jump on to the conference call. I didn’t get a chance to say bye.

Got in the car and booked my hair dresser 15 minutes down the road. I had a cut, wash and blow wave. $47 later I thought it was worth it! Plus since I only get 2-3 hair cuts a year I can afford it.

Feeling old. You can see my greys coming through. Only had the ends trimmed off.

I’m home now relaxing. Taking the kids out tonight. We are off to have spaghetti marinara.