My uppers are all empty and clean. I managed to consolidate my kitchen stuff into my small pantry and drawers. Still got to go find a container for my sauces.

Found this one yesterday walking to dessert with the kids. Our dinner and dessert came to $200+ . This is one broke mamma.

Decided to walk into the city for dinner. The city felt alive again. People lining up for bars. It feels normal.

Fingers crossed we’ve peaked. Mr Wanderer is trying. I’ll give him points for effort.

We are off this weekend to somewhere cool! As Melbourne will be in the 30s. I don’t have to work on Wednesday thus we can afford to go further afield.

I’ll probably have to come back to clean for my client. The MIL is heading back to the US on Tuesday. The house looked much more in order on Tuesday when I popped over to cook.

*Snoopy from the internet

Anyone feeling meh like me? Had to make myself walk into the city tonight. Ended up with 11,911 steps. Not counting my steps this morning. Guess better than nothing.