Did the weekend go?

On Friday I went to his for dinner. Well he was supposed to come to me.

And that only changed because I asked him is there any reason why I haven’t met your sister? And since you didn’t spend any time last weekend with me I want some time with you this weekend.

I was really annoyed when he told me he’s spending his Sunday with his sister! Going to a live concert in the country!

Considering the next weekend he’s away with his mate cycling for half a week!

So I wanted his Saturday for me!

And since he wanted to spend Saturday in his shed! By default I got to join them as his sister had two spare tickets.

I bought him foam for his caravan! Costed me an arm and a leg. He got annoyed at me! Saying he doesn’t know what he want to do as yet.

I was thinking what the heck? Why did I bother?

Told him he’s been a bit down lately with his health issues and that’s why I bought it so he can keep busy and not think about stuff.

He did thank me the next morning whilst half asleep.

We had dinner by the fire. Simple meal of lamb cutlets and sausage with a salad.

On Saturday I went to have lunch with a girl friend.

She treated me to oysters! We had a dozen Coffin Bay and 1/2 Bruny Island. I had 5! She had the rest 😂 Then we shared a a fish in bread.

That night we watched the MSO at the Myer Music Bowl.

Hope you can view.

See if you can guess the name of the movie!

The next day I tagged along with him, his sister and her friend to a live concert.

We ended up in Macedon. Lunch was at Mr Cafe.

We saw Mick Thomas and Skyscraper Stan. He’s tall as!

He drove there and I drove back. We ended up having dinner at mine.

Yesterday he came back for dinner. Which was a surprise! Guess it was Valentine’s Day after all. He brought groceries and a bottle of Rose.

He popped it in the fridge to drink with his housemate the other night! Anyhow his housemate told him it’s gay! And refuses to drink it! So I inherited the bottle! Not a bad Rose! His loss!

Don’t you just love the label?

We ended up watching a documentary about Quincy.