Yes! I’ve been slack. Not sure where the days went?

We took off on Saturday afternoon.

He was that tired he took a nap. I went for a little wander. It was our pit stop in Myrniong.

Our destination was the Palais in Hepburn Springs.

The theatre deco was ummmm interesting 😂

The next day we ended up in Daylesford. And to our surprise we caught the cars at a meet driving through town.

How cute is this one?

We had a great spot to car watch

How about this one?

After lunch he went back to get the car and caravan.

As for me I climbed the hill to go to the convent. It’s a little art gallery.

As I took quite a few photos it will be another post.

We fought again. He wanted to pop me on the coach in Castlemaine! As it’s close to Maldon where he wanted to camp!

I wanted him to drop me off in Kyneton to save me half an hour by coach.

And since it’s Sunday it’s stopping all station and it would have taken me 3-4 hours from Castlemaine back to Melbourne as there’s no train!

You can see all the towns here.

He was like by saving you half an hour I have to drive an extra half an hour.

I was like I have never asked much of you. You drive further for your friends? And yet half an hour for me and you don’t want to?

The thing is I don’t think it’s much further!

Daylesford to Castlemaine: 28 minutes

Castlemaine to Maldon: 16 minutes

Daylesford to Kyneton: 25 minutes

Kyneton to Maldon: 38 minutes

So by dropping me off in Kyneton would have taken him an extra 19 minutes!

In the end he asked me what I wanted to do? I told him I wanted to stay another night so I can catch the express coach back the next day. It took just over an hour and a half.

His way of saying sorry was cooking and washing up.

We ended up in Kyneton for dinner. This is about 5-10 minutes away from town.

How pretty is this? One scene at different times of the day.

On Monday I caught the 623am coach back to work in the morning and volunteered in the afternoon.

Between the three of us we made 6 cakes and 19 boxes of soup.

Yesterday I ran around researching for my new place.

Today I worked. And there you go.