We left on Friday night around 11pm 😩 He drove for near 2 hours. I just wanted to sleep. We ended up in Longwood.

Next morning we headed to Euroa for a coffee and supplies.

How cute is this little place?

Bonnie Doon. Views at the water front.

Then around mid afternoon we left for the campground.

You guessed it. We got bogged! He tried to dodge a tree that’s fallen on the road.

Google showed us the wrong track. It’s a plantation track.

So if he couldn’t get us out? We would have been stuck until the next logging truck comes along. One good thing we had 2 days worth of food.

After more than an hour he got us out. It involved jacking up the caravan. Then connecting it to the Ute with chains. That didn’t work so then he had to jack up the Ute.

Branches will have to do! This time not only did he didn’t bring his chain saw? He didn’t have any 4W track either.

At one stage I lost hope. He couldn’t reverse. And from the look of things I didn’t think he could go forward?

He had to go fast to gain momentum to tow the caravan. It was like watching a cartoon. The caravan was flying side to side.

I told him I was extremely proud of him. He did great.