Act! And no I haven’t! Just been really busy.

In between housekeeping, cooking at the community kitchen, tour guiding, caravanning and covering at the hospital I’ve managed to move!

Very first night at my new place. Spent the night at Mr Boardie as my truck was to come at 8am at the storage.

It was too hard to go stay at Mr Wanderer’s place and try to beat peak traffic back.

Shouting my friends to spaghetti and oysters and wine for helping me move.

Cooking at the community kitchen.

Very happy! Can’t hardly see my clothes lines which means I can hang my clothes outside.

I did a load last night and got up at 2am to bring it in. It was so windy I thought my clothes were going to fly off!

Today will be just over a week of me getting my keys. I’ve unpacked about 80-90% of the boxes.

I’m saving them for Bob the builder. He’s moving soon. He’s coming tomorrow night to grab them as I want my wardrobe back.

Loving my apartment more each day. My neighbours are pretty quiet. The street is noisier than my old one but I don’t mind. Can get my car out easy! No more car stacker! And the stress of it breaking down! Not long to wait for the lifts as hardly anyone uses them. The kids and Mr Wanderer can use the visitors’ car spaces. I can air out my bedrooms! What a luxury!

So in all a big improvement compared to my old place!

Now to figure where everything goes!

One of the rules is each apartment can have a dog or a cat that weighs less than 10kg 😂I don’t think anyone is adhering to that rule as I’ve seen a lady with two dogs and another with a dog that probably weighs more than me 😂