My spare mattress and exercise bike.

The spare bedroom needs a window winder replaced as it’s rusted. Tomorrow I’m off to Bunnings to buy one.

Nowhere to put my stuff. It’s chockers. I’ll get rid of the white unit when I bring back Mr Wanderer’s chest of drawers.

At the moment it houses my towels.

The second bedroom is now mine. As it has more light and looks on to the street. I had to pop the bed that way so I don’t see the mirrored robes.

Both bedrooms needs new blinds. They are grotty! I’m also replacing the carpet.

I’m hopeful to change the wardrobe doors as well.

My dinner last night. One pot wonder.

Sea perch in a garlicky, rum, anchovies, olives, cherry tomatoes and blanched spinach.

Mr Wanderer commented no wonder my clients loves me. I then asked him does it means he loves me too because I cook him yummy food? His answer was yes!

This morning we rode to Ripponlea. It was closed as we were too early! We forgot as it’s the end of daylight saving!

Then we rode to Garage cafe. They served coffee in paper cups 😩 so we gave them a miss. Mr Wanderer is one fussy bum!

After that we headed to Galleon which had a line a mile long! In the end we went to a cafe on Acland St in St Kilda.

They had these retro radios which starts from $350 upwards 😂

This bird keeps on coming in for crumbs.

As for me? He rewarded me with a vanilla slice and a coffee! Well we shared the slice!

By the time I got home my little legs have had enough. I think it’s more than what google says as we went the round about way. I think we must have done around 20km.

He’s since gone to visit his family in Bendigo leaving his bike on a bike rack in my building.

I’m just relaxing. Have just shampooed my carpet in the spare bedroom.

Need to fill up these holes! The old owner didn’t do very well! The toilet roll holder keeps on falling off! He must be a lazy bugger as he’s left the anchors in!

I’ve since bought a toilet roll caddy!

I’m also removing this to install a towel rail. I’ve got enough clearance to put in a single 600mm rail.

So many little bits and pieces to fix! I’m thankful my clients are going on holidays for 3 weeks! Gives me time to sort out my place.