Tomorrow will be two weeks since I’ve moved in.

My new stove top arrived today. The plumber has been. And am now broke! He earned from two hours today what I make in two long days 😩

The new shower head is installed. Much better shower than before. And my toilet works now which I am thankful.

My sofa bed also arrived delivered by two young Frenchies. They were yapping in French to each other.

Tonight I bought some curry and Naan bread. I cooked some rice and blanched some spinach.

I’ve still got enough curry for another meal. Will try to eat out less or at least buy dishes that I can supplement by cooking rice and vegies to make it last 2-3 meals 😂 I suck at budgeting!

I’ve been trying to save by eating lunch at home then go out for dinner or vice versa.

Or split the meal up. Dinner tonight was $21 but because it’s enough for 2 meals it works out to be $10.50 a meal.

Part of me is a bit anxious of the whole mortgage thingy. I thought I could afford it but with all this inflation I’m a bit frightened.

I mean a bowl of noodles for lunch used to cost $12! It’s now $15-16! Our petrol used to be under $2 a litre! It’s now $2.20 or $8.30 a gallon! Meanwhile our wages hasn’t gone up. It’s crazy! I’ve noticed food has gone up too.

How quickly everything adds up.

The cruise ships are asking for guides again. I haven’t had a chance to reply.

Our cruise season doesn’t start again til October. It will give me time to revise. Guess any money is good money!