And conquered!

We went riding to Middle Brighton. That’s like 20km return.

Got back to St Kilda in time to have a juice and admire the sunset.

It’s so pretty.

Then the city lights from my balcony.

I got heaps done yesterday NOT!

Mr Wanderer popped my laundry door back on. He didn’t need me to hold the door. All he needed was the door wedge.

He also brought my dresser.

My window winder is now in! He brought his rivet set minus his drill! Luckily I do have one.

The once a year window clean paid for by my Body Corporate fees was yesterday.

My painting in the living room is on the wall thanks to Mr Wanderer.

Found the perfect spot for my bike! Behind the sofa. It fitted perfectly thus no need for a bike rack.

He also drafted a text for me to send to the plumber asking him diplomatically to review my invoice saying my partner who is a builder thinks it’s too expensive!

He asked me before he left yesterday if I needed anything else done? I replied that’s probably it.

Got my wontons done for my freezer.

My fob and remote came. Ordered two spare sets. One for the kids and one for Mr Wanderer.

Today I’m going to start painting the bathroom. Been procrastinating!