We managed to get away early!

Our first stop was Harcourt! A mountain biking park. It was packed! He wanted to go riding as he wants to get back into shape!

Then he talked me into riding to town for a coffee! It was awful! Loose stones everywhere and of course the cafe was closed being Good Friday!

So then I wandered around town for near an hour whilst he rode back to grab the caravan to come pick me up to find somewhere to park for lunch!

Tiny little town with a general store.

We didn’t head north to Cohuna until mid afternoon.

River frontage…Near Cohuna..on the Murray River.

Our views from our caravan.

Our set up! Hot showers every night. The other gas bottle is for cooking and our fridge.

The box houses our tables, chairs, hoses and blocks.

He had the pop top up to give us more ventilation.

Even though it had river views there was no toilets! The guys would go walkies with their shovels when they need to do serious business! His mate calls it his mobile toilet!

As for me? I did it in the comfort of our caravan sitting in a cupboard! I lined our portaloo with a garbage bag! Then double bagged it and into the back of the Ute it went until we can get to the garbage bins!

I don’t think he realised I did it at all! To him girls are demure and don’t fart 😂 and probably don’t sh…t either 😂

Camp fire ovens! Lamb roast for Easter Sunday’s dinner.

We were invited to dinner! So off he went to cook our greens in his billy to contribute. Plenty of meat to go around.

And of course we had hot cross buns! I even bought butter to go with them.

The little beach to go swimming! The thing is I’ve always associated the beach with the ocean or bay! Nope! When you’re next to the river they call it the beach too 😂

I didn’t see much of Cohuna. We followed his mate to town to top up on our supplies and of course more beer! I only catered for two days as usual since I never know where we are headed to.

We didn’t get back til late last night (Monday) trying to miss the traffic.

Today I didn’t do much. Mostly dishes, rubbish and laundry. I’m trying not to scratch my mossie bites!