Flapping around!

My sparky came!

He’s managed to thread through and gave me a fan in the master bedroom. My lights weren’t in line with each other! So he had to adjust my fan so it didn’t look odd!

Yes! Both room now has a fan each. The light dims as well.

Whilst at it Mr Wanderer wanted me to ask the electrician how to light up his carport?

Anyhow the answer was LED fluoro tubes on battens along his wall.

My oven is also in! Very happy!

Tonight I cooked for the kids! It’s cheaper to cook and in doing so I’m saving money to pay for the mortgage.

I made beer battered salmon. Very light!

Sweet and sour sauce.

Someone came to grab the old oven tonight. Usually I don’t do evening pick ups. I had my son with me so all was good.

Saves me a trip to the tip! The kids’ idea. Mr Wanderer was like why didn’t you sell it? I was like it’s okie. Glad it’s going to a good home!

And that was my day! I didn’t get any painting done!

Only thing I got done today of significance is I got my passport renewed! It’s easier when it’s still in date. All you do is fill in an online form then print it out and present at the post office for photos.

The guy at the counter was like it’s one of the better photos I’ve taken. And it’s going to take 6 weeks. I was like it’s okie. I’m not going anywhere soon 😂