For my collection!

Just bought my school’s cook book! The thing is? My recipe might be in it! As they asked me for my exit year! To put next to my name!

Today my knife blocks came! Now I have more bench space! It sits nicely in my drawer!

And I braved the roads to go grab my favourite noodle soup! Twenty minutes drive! It was yummo!

Next time I’ll catch the bus! Too much traffic and hassles of trying to find a car park!

After all the excitement I think I’ll head to bed soonish. Had broken sleep last night which made me groggy all day.

Mr Wanderer is off cycling this weekend. Which means I’m free! Tomorrow’s plan is to take my old kettle to the kids and come back with my fishies! I think the fishies must be missing home!

I’ll bring my sewing machine back too. So I can sew my Noren curtains.

My barn door is coming on Tuesday! Need someone to help me install it. Here is hoping Mr Wanderer is handy enough to install it. If not I’ll hire someone!

I’m going broke with all the trades!