It easy.

I found the screws for my little Ikea drawer unit. Sold it today!

Went to buy thread and whatever else so I can sew my Noren curtains.

My fishies are back! They seemed happier.

Song I wrote years ago! A friend popped it to music.

My coat rack is on the wall! I cheated and didn’t paint the wall. Only touched up the holes I made!

In all my place is coming along nicely. Took stuff down to my storage cage today. Rubbish to the rubbish room.

I’m still procrastinating! No more painting as yet. Been tired lately. And feeling cold!

At this rate I might have to get Mr Wanderer to install my little wall panel heater for me. As it’s not even Winter and I’m cold! It never used to be like this with my old place! Not sure if I want to swap room now and make this the spare room? And move to the master suite.

I made my first mortgage repayment yesterday! I paid the minimum and then whatever I could scraped up on top. Which wasn’t much as this month I’m bombarded by bills!

Next month should be better!

My idea is to get rid of it within 10 years! Not 25!

Still debating if I should ditch the house keeping job and go back full time? Earn heaps more and pay it off sooner?

Getting a bit anxious with all this inflation.