Not sure what all this block thingy is? Mr Wanderer went and updated all of my apps! When I only wanted the Service Victoria one done 😩

Anyhow now WP is different. Not sure how to go about it!

The Shrine of Remembrance

We woke up at 4:40am to go to the Dawn service. And since it’s so close to me we rode in. I was so cold I couldn’t feel my toes.

Mr Wanderer was like toughen up! Not something you’d say to your significant other!

We watched the parade! Near 3 hours later I’ve had enough! I was that hangry! Cold and hungry! And he’s still wanting to watch!
So he made me ride to this pub for lunch! I was that annoyed I told him it’s not good enough! I want a big lunch!
So we rode to the place I recommended to him! He got there before me and then went on to the other pub saying it was closed.
I was like no it wasn’t! I rang them to check before I sent you the link?
I cropped my face as it wasn’t a very flattering photo! Don’t think I’ve seen a nice photo from him as yet.
My baby is a year older! We had Peking duck and I got to meet her boyfriend!
My carpet is in! The last bit of Reno until I can install my barn door.

After that I would like these windows for my living room windows. That way I can have more ventilation.

And after that some nice blinds.