I’ve been sick all week! So frustrated and annoyed! I’ve been swearing at Mr Wanderer in his absence! It’s his fault I’m sick!

Started off with a scratchy throat on Wednesday. Then a chesty cough that went on forever. Today is Tuesday and I’m still coughing. I think it’s trying to bring up mucus.

Anyhow was worried about my chest so I finally made my way to the doctor on Sunday. To a respiratory clinic that tests for Covid. They only test people who are symptomatic.

I requested for a GP to check me out. After listening to my lungs she said they sounded okie. I had 99% oxygen saturation and a heart rate of 98.

She diagnosed it as viral. And sent a swab away for PCR testing. It’s a bulk billed one.

Well much better than me going to a GP. No one bulk bill anymore! Which means on a Sunday I’ll be $70 out of pocket!

My PCR test came back negative! I think it’s either a very bad cold or a mild case of flu. Either way it’s annoying.

I spent the last two nights at the kids as their dad went to VN for a month long holidays!

So I used the opportunity to go there to help them spruce up the place. The girls were complaining their fan lights don’t work. Thus we replaced the globes.

I did 14-15 loads of laundry in total! Stripped the ex’s bed. Washed all his laundry. Sorted out his wardrobe as things were flying everywhere. And yes found ladies clothing in there!

4 lines of about 6m long of laundry! He wears brand names now 😂 Tommy and that little horse brand lol
Plus this super rack!

Ended up taking his 2 bedspreads next door to be washed! His room reeked so bad! I slept on the sofa! The kids asked me why? I told them because your dad’s room smells!

In all I did good. Fridge sorted and all expired stuff went into the bin. I also bought groceries so now they have bread, fruit and stuff for lunch. Only thing I refused to do was wash their dishes. They are old enough.

It’s grown more since I took this photo! My son finally loaded the dishwasher this afternoon and washed 1/2 that was there.

Part of me feels guilty for walking out of my marriage. The place is a shambles. On Monday night the kids asked me to stay another night. So I stayed. Managed to find a spare toothbrush to use. I wasn’t going to. Was going to drive back home on Sunday after dropping my youngest off.

Anyhow laundry all caught up. I’ve cooked for them Sunday night, Monday night and tonight before heading home. They should have enough for another meal.

Bolognese sauce

It’s been nice spending time with them. Plus I hate being sick and staying in bed. At least I was kept busy. I did take long 2-3 hours naps when I felt tired.

I’m glad to be home. Where it’s ordered. Not mess everywhere.

I dropped my youngest off to work on the way back. Her brother will pick her up at 2am. He’s very good that way. He worried about her so if it’s dark he’d drive to pick her up. It’s about a 15 minutes drive but would take her half an hour or more to get back as 15 minutes tram ride and another 15 minutes walk.