I’m 90% better after spending all of yesterday in bed and going to bed at 8pm.

Today I’m due back at the client’s house for a few hours and at the hospital tomorrow for an extra shift.

Yesterday Mr Boardie came over for a visit. I told him he’s like my best friend but the male version. I share more with him than my bestie.

I let on how I’m a bit worried about the mortgage. And my financial future. My options are to stay put? My job is too good to let go. And ask for an extra day within the organisation. Which means they’ll send me where they need me. They are always short of staff.

My option 2 is to apply for another job. Which means forgo my job. It fits my skill set but it’s 3 days a week. It’s in the public sector which is more permanent but can be a pain. It means being on call and weekend work and participating in continuing education.

Although it’s the same distance as my current job it’s not a direct route. I’m not sure if it’s viable.

I guess I can try driving there peak hour and see how bad it is. The thing is my wage will be higher. I do know a person there as I used to work with her at another hospital. And I do know the deputy director as well. Pharmacy is a small world!

His thinking is may be ask for an extra day? That way it will give me a bit of variety/stimulation and some extra income. And it doesn’t tie me up with the on call and weekend work.

Now to get up enough courage to make changes to my life.

Financially I’m okie at the moment. I’m trying to pay as much as I can into the mortgage. My aim is to have no mortgage when I retire. My clients has hinted they have more hours if I want.

It feels like my days are starting to fill up. And not much freedom. But I think it’s worth it in exchange for my new place. I love it.