The hospital didn’t need me and I asked my clients for a day off as yesterday sorting out their place tired me out. Took me 4 hours! Since I didn’t come on Monday the house was a big mess.

They didn’t really need me today as when I left yesterday the place was spotless! Kitchen was nice and clean. I mopped their living area with the new mop and bucket.

Their mountain of laundry was folded and put away. All their beds made and dinner waiting to be cooked. Vegies were prepped. Rice cooked. Sweet and sour sauce made. Batter prepared. All they needed to do was fry the fish and steam or blanched the vegies.

There wasn’t much laundry left. Probably a load for the washing machine as I only found the pile on the floor when I went up to the master bedroom to make the bed to have somewhere to put the folded clothes on.

I made a card for my friend and I forgot to bring it duh! It’s her belated birthday celebration! I’ve known her since 1984!
We ate at the kitchen bar at an Italian place near where she works! Where I used to work pre-kids day.
Walked home and managed to catch the fireworks!
It was cold and wet. I was dressed like an Eskimo! My water bottle was leaking 😩 I didn’t realised as I had that many layers on 😂
Me in my beanie, mask and 700 goose down jacket 😂