It’s been more than a week! Since I’ve blogged! Life got crazy!

We went to have dinner in Lygon St on Saturday! Then a movie.

It was so slow I fell asleep half way through! Plus the session didn’t start until after 9pm! Definitely passed my bedtime for old little me!

Mr Wanderer is so so cute when he dresses up 😍

We were trying to waste time between dinner and movie. He ended up with a book for his mum!

I did make it to see Elvis! I was 20 minutes late!

I cooked for his mum since it was Mother’s Day. We ended up staying at his brother’s place. His brother keeps on saying how I’m a perfect girlfriend! His wife was like V every time you leave he keeps on comparing me to you! I was like don’t pay any attention! You’ve got your own worth!

His brother was like Mr Wanderer is the favourite tonight! He got his mum flowers, a pressie and dinner!

Me waiting for the train home.

Summing it up I haven’t seen Mr Wanderer since Monday morning! I really had to hassle him to take me to Bendigo or else I would have only seen him Saturday night and that’s it!

He was going to get me to take my groceries on the tram and train to meet him at his rental in Sunshine. I was like nope! It’s heavy! If you’re not going to pick me up I’ll take a taxi or Uber! And to think I was going to cook for his family and that’s how he treated me!

In the end he turned around to pick me up. I told him it was going to cost $50 by taxi or $40 by Uber!

The only reason he was at the rental was to save $80! If he carted his green waste back to Bendigo it’s free to dispose!

And if that’s the case he wasn’t going to let me waste $50? I knew I had him at $50! I don’t think he knew who he was dealing with!

So I went to grab lunch! Made us both a chicken salad roll and managed to boil some water for our cuppa to have on the run!

He left my place at 6:15am to cut all this down! He was back at my place at 12:10pm to pick me up minus the trailer. We then had to go back to the rental to hitch it back up!

Monday I worked at the client’s house. Then Tuesday at the shop! Wednesday and Thursday at the hospital and then Friday at the client’s.

That was my week! Running around like a headless chook!

My daughter grabbed me as I came over to their place to borrow some noodles for Mother’s Day dinner. She was like mum can you please work for dad? We’ve got no one! I replied check with your dad which days and let me know so I can sort out my stuff.

That was Saturday afternoon! Then I headed to my parents to drop off mum’s pressie. I got her a silk scarf and a bottle of Moscato.

She ended up booking me for Monday and Tuesday for two weeks which in turn meant I had to reschedule my First Aid course til next week. I couldn’t work last Monday as too late to let my clients know.

I did manage to pop into the city yesterday for an exhibition.
More so to see the ball room on top of Flinders St station! It hasn’t been opened since 1985.
From what I can see it’s in a bad state and a real renovator’s delight!
It would have been very grand back in the days.
Behind the wall leading upstairs to the balcony.
I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere near the exhibition at night!
Every display had a little note about it! Which you have to download to read or listen.