Been busy and no inspiration to blog!

I’ve been working all week really. Welcome to real life! One good thing I’ve decided to resign from my house keeping gig and go work an extra day as a pharmacist.

From my regional manager.
The girls and I went shopping last Sunday! After I told them I’d cook dinner!
My favourite dish to cook now! Sea perch with spinach, olives, anchovies and cherry tomatoes! Quick and easy!
And because I cooked the girls baked! Sultana cupcakes.
I was up to midnight sorting out their baking cupboard!
Also wiped down their benches and rearrange stuff! My oldest does pottery! Don’t they look cute up on the pelmet?
My aim this week is to patch up this hole! Their dad is back on Friday!
I love a man in the kitchen! So sexy 😂 Mr Wanderer cooked for me. Vegies over cooked and salmon too raw for my liking! But after a long day at the hospital I’m grateful to be fed!

Aim for today? Go vote! Mop my floors as my friend came over for a shower and her dog was off leash! The dog walked all over the floor and new bedroom carpet! So annoyed! I don’t like animal smell and don’t know where their little legs has been! So shampooed my carpet last night! Next time I’m going to tell her look you’re welcomed to come for a shower but no dog!

Mr Wanderer wants to catch up tonight. I want to go to have pasta at my favourite pasta place! Hopefully I can book!

It’s an Italian restaurant but not in the main drag of Lygon St. Photo from the internet.

My ex rang the other day and talked to my son! Could hear the conversation! He told my son to thank me for working. And that he’ll send me a cheque!

I then told my son to tell him it’s okie! I’ll invoice him! I thought last week was it! On Tuesday the manager was like we’ll need you next week as well V! The locum that worked with me was like hopefully they book you for next week V.

I think she likes working with me as my ex micromanage her! Where as I treat her as an equal since we are both new and learning from each other! She used to be my ex’ manager when he was fresh out from college.