Where did the weekend go? It just came and went.

We didn’t go out last night. We stayed in. The evenings are so cold now! I defrosted a steak and cooked up some vegies and made a mushroom sauce.

You know when you don’t want to cook? Nothing turned out! My steak was chewy! Mr Wanderer over cooked it! My mushroom sauce was a stuff up with my Parmesan cheese gluggy.

We ended up watching a documentary about Boeing. I chose! He was like your turn to choose. It’s not fair that I choose all the time. I usually don’t care what we watch. It’s more just sitting there spending time with him. Though I’m a tad sick of war movies!

It’s installed! Mr Wanderer did it for me!

He was like you know you could do it easy? I replied yes! But you do it much quicker than me 😂 It sucks some day being too handy!

Last night I asked him why he’s still with me? As he doesn’t like affection? He was like because of your extreme beauty? Or something along that line.

This morning I asked him if he’s friend zoned me? He laughed! He was like you’ve been YouTubing again? I was like no! I’ve been googling as have never dated anyone like you before and not sure what to think?

After that I fed him breakfast! Then sent him away with some muesli bar! A banana and a nashi. He’s off to get rid of more green waste. Knowing him he’s probably won’t have time for lunch or will be running late. The snack will come in handy.

I won’t see him for a few days. He’s gone to Bendigo to work on his rentals. Not sure if I’ll see him this week? Or until Friday on the plane. We’ve both booked the same flight. The thing is I didn’t pay for my seat allocation so we might not sit together.

Boring as! It’s such a pain! But has to be done! Thank goodness it’s only every 3 years.

I am working every day this week and the course is on Friday early. So it’s the only time I can do the pre-course work.

I’m at the kids for the next few days as working for the ex! He’s back this Friday! Money will come in handy since I’m down to my last K! And still bills to pay! I don’t get pay for another 2 weeks!

He’s getting two invoices this week! one for rent and one for my salary! I’ll be rolling in it 😂 I wish! Some will go to the mortgage. Some will be put aside for a rainy day. I’m trying to save up for blinds. And installation of my barn door since Mr Wanderer reckons it’s too complicated for him to install.

Plus this month was tight! First month I didn’t leave enough money out. I paid too much into the mortgage. I won’t make that mistake again.