I went wandering yesterday
Thought I’d try black and white!
Love the architecture! Same street yet different styles!

I usually stock up at the market for the week!

$21 bought me this!
I sent this to the ladies at the kitchen! One replied she’s got about $50 of snow peas growing in her front garden! She’s wondering if she should hire a security guard?
And I made a choice again! Zucchini was a better choice at the same price as the broccoli as they are lighter!

1/4 of a cabbage was $3! It used to be a whole cabbage you could buy for $3!

$7 would get you a cauliflower! Or $4 for half! I was tempted! But in the end didn’t buy it. I’ll have to start buying Asian greens! A bunch is $2.50 which for me would be enough for 1 meal!

I’m seriously thinking of fixing my mortgage. For how long I don’t know. Things are looking mighty shaky!