I started writing and then I deleted it. So depressing!

Cheap lunch for me! $8 for Udon plus a piece of fried chicken for $2.50!
I cooked for my kids a whole big pot for $60 to have with rice!

It’s very easy to make! 500g of roast pork, 1/2 a duck, 2 boxes of tofu fried and 2 bags of preserved mustard.

Add the sauce that they give you and a drizzle of Kikkoman soy! Some water and simmer until the meat is tender. It’s yum!

I gave the kids some to bring home for another meal.

Today my oldest came over with her boyfriend and we went out! $130-$140 later! For a BBQ meat platter! I offered to pay! So I’m broke again!
Love the bells! Found it whilst wandering the streets! Ring for sex 😂

I figured if I walk into the city I save on my tram fare! Get fitter in the process and I save on electricity!

If I stay home the heater goes on! As it’s cold! Plus the savings I make can go towards a cheap lunch!

For $10 you can still get a cheap lunch! There’s always sushi, banh mi, kransky, pizza, rice.

Just hang around near the Uni precinct and lots of cheap food! My son said to me go to Don Don mum!

I’ve also decided to fix 75% of my loan for 2 years. I’m worried with all the rising interest rates and well 4.29% is still quite cheap! If it goes down I won’t have to wear that rate for too long! And if it goes up then I’ll just fix it again!

People I’ve talked to have tried to talk me out of it saying you’ve still got a low rate why fix? I’m like ummmm they are going to increase rates every month or every few months I’d rather be safe! Plus I can still pay down my loan with the 25% variable part! Whatever I pay extra I can redraw if things get tough.

That’s my plan! Worse comes to worse I’ll just have to go back to work an extra day or two 😩 my plan C!