Today I went to see a musical! Cinderella! With my girl friend!

Lots of adult themes and very politically correct! The female lead came out too strong and her man a weakling and an idiot!

Not only that he was a little shorty 😩 If I was her I would never have married him 😂

The coach!
My favourite theatre in Melbourne! The Regent! It’s really pretty!
The stage

My bike ride yesterday! I rode to Elwood then into the city so roughly 17km then walked about 8K steps!

That was my treat yesterday after my ride! To save money I only ever grab the complimentary hot water!

Today I cheated and used public transport to go have lunch, watch Cinderella and have coffee!

I think we over did it! $68 each later! Lunch was $70, a cocktail each $40 and coffee and cake $16 plus ticket booking fees $10. One good thing lunch and coffee was on the Victorian government since you can claim back 25% of your ticket costs! They’ve accepted my application!

Which meant we only had to pay for our cocktail and booking fee! What a bargain!

It was nice catching up with my girl friend! We’ve been friends since high school! She’s like V there are two old ladies out the back! It will be us when we are older! I laughed yes! With our walking sticks!

Meanwhile Mr Wanderer did the Melburn Roobaix. I think he got drenched on his bike ride! 40km in the rain!