I can’t believe half the year is gone!

We were supposed to go away last weekend and he got drunk on Friday so he had a massive hang over on Saturday!

I was so annoyed as it was a beautiful weekend! We did go out for Italian on Saturday night though. My favourite Italian place.

He had a coffee late so he couldn’t sleep. Anyhow I didn’t know but he was due in Bendigo by 11:45am.

Felt really rejected. In the end I followed him up but only to Castlemaine. He went on to Bendigo to visit his family and to work on his rental.

I went to the Mills market then caught a train to Kyneton to have lunch! See photo above. Poked my head into a few galleries and an op shop and caught the train back to Melbourne.

He promised me we’d go away this weekend. Only to retract his words last night as work wants him in Perth next week. And since flights were like 1K one way he had to take the cheaper option and fly there on Saturday instead.

I was really upset when he told me. It means I’m alone again this weekend. It’s been pretty much 3-4 weekends in a row where we hardly saw each other.

Anyhow it’s not his fault. Work organised it. And he’s got to go.

I went to buy tissues. It’s hopeless!
My way of cutting back! Bought a mini ricotta cannoli and asked for complimentary hot water. A tea or coffee would have set me back another $4-5. The bigger version is near twice as expensive. Plus it would have been too much!

Tonight I floated the idea of us living together. Anyhow he was like that’s a biggie. I get lonely when he’s not around. And we don’t see each other as much living apart.

I’m planning again. It’s for the wall adjacent to my bedroom. No stone bench top as then I’d have to buy a whole slab.

I’m thinking laminex. Open shelvings one end. The rest melamine with a door to hide the mess. She said she’ll get back to me early next week.

If it’s reasonable pricing I’ll go ahead. Getting tired of things everywhere.

The other alternative is to move the shelving unit over and buy two buffets to put in its place. Which still doesn’t solve my freezer problem.

Anyhow today our interest rate goes up another 0.5%. Which means it will cost me another $70 a month.

Work has asked me if I’m free to work extra. I’m standing my ground. I told them happy to work extra if I get intern or tech support. If not then no!

Haven’t heard back from them as to if they need me this week or not. Well I did get an email saying they’ll try and find me support!

Just logged into the roster and there’s no one on for that slot!