We call it the Jam factory. Gosh I remembered going there to roller skate or was it ice skate with my ex on our first date.

They’ve done it up!
Industrial looking
Roof not too great as it’s leaking!
I love it that they left it exposed.
Whilst waiting for my friend I poked my head out of the centre.

Just love the old buildings

She had cinema vouchers that’s about to expire. We ended up watching Thor gold class. We didn’t end up ordering any food though.

It was funny as! Highly recommend Thor!

My flannelette sheets are finally washed. Can’t wait to use them on my bed! It’s great when I have my heater on. The outside unit blows air to dry my clothes.

Heading to bed soon. I’ve been dozing on and off. Haven’t achieved much today. Washed two loads of clothes, the dishes and vacuumed my car. I’ll have a carload of tour guides on Tuesday going down to Lorne.

Tomorrow I’m going to go pump up my tyres and wash my car. Though no point as it’ll be raining all week!

Since I went out for lunch I ate in tonight. Thank goodness for my home made soup that I froze a while back. Still got plenty 😂