I had an early lunch at home and then I took off. It was such a beautiful day to be inside.

How cute is this? It’s outside a French cafe!
My new ride! The city is buzzing again. It helps that it’s school holidays!
How nice is this? Looks yum!
He had a beanie on last time I went walkies! Yesterday someone thought it was a bit cold so now he’s donning a scarf as well.

That’s why I love Melbourne! So much food and drinks around. Only reason the photos are here is because I over ate into my tram fare so I had to walk home 😂 21K steps later!

I had a Zinger fillet from KFC! $3.95. Then I had a bowl of udon with beef $8 and finished off with 4 Royal puffs $2.80!

By walking home I saved $4.60. I didn’t need to eat as I had soup at home! I suck at budgeting 😂

I bought some garlic bread from the supermarket to have with my vegie soup.

I came home just in time to watch the skies change colours.