Andy sent me this! He reckons this guy makes a better Zeus than Russell Crowe.

We had another tour guiding CPD event.

They are so tame!
This is a new information centre in Lorne. Depicts the history of the Great Ocean Rd.
Then we head on along the Great Ocean Rd to Apollo Bay. Looks nauseatingly pretty. The road was so windy the reason I got this photo was because we had to stop as all three of us felt quite sick! And I only drove at turtle pace.
We visited a new wild life sanctuary. The guy that worked on the set for the Hobbit did these railings
More views from the sanctuary
The guide reckoned this was a wallaby as kangaroos usually hang out in mobs. Wallabies tends to be loners.
Took home a map for Mr Wanderer. May be we could stop to try some craft beer next time we are down that way.

And that was my adventure for the day! Hanging out with the tour guides was a hoot! They are a wealth of information! And very adventurous. One of the ladies in my car was over 70s and she still skis 😂