Since the sun was out! I took off on my hybrid. Saves money to put yummy food into my little belly
The river cruise is operating again.
Don’t you love my bathroom sign? Got one for Mr Wanderer as well but it’s going to be part of his Christmas pressie.
I didn’t get around to going to Bunnings to buy more crates. I need two more.

They will have to do for now as I still haven’t made up my mind how to house them. Plus I’m broke this month. Been paying too much into the mortgage. I need to save up again.

I tidied up the bench at work! Every week I get into trouble so I figured shove it! If I get into trouble for everything I might as well get into trouble for tidying up the bench! This is at my new place of work. The manager is a dinosaur, stuck in her ways making everyone’s life miserable.

I mean how inefficient can you be? The bench was chockers and the tablet phials and boxes were placed on the other side of the room? Seriously? Every time I need a box I had to walk? A script doesn’t take long to do! But working there it takes forever!

Every time I do a hand over now I CC in the regional manager so she knows what I’ve been up to. Here is hoping she’s got my back.

Mr Boardie reckons the regional manager popped me there to try to force change. Since I come from a gold standard site I have a fair idea what works and what doesn’t. And I don’t give a damn as worse comes to worse I just won’t accept shifts there!

Mr Wanderer has been away for work a lot. The other night we were in bed and he was like if I die don’t know if you’d want my house. As you’ve got your own place.

I told him he’s worth more than his house and I’d rather him than the house. But if he’s to offer his caravan then it’s a different matter. I love his little caravan.

If you have Netflix this movie is filmed in Melbourne. Took me awhile to figure it out 😂