Did the days go? I can’t even remember my last post? They’ve been short of staff so I’ve been working three days at the hospital.

A bit down in the dumps. Mr Wanderer has booked to go overseas for a month without me. I’ve expressed my hurt. It’s not my kind of trip anyway. Cycling 100km a day and staying in dingy places.

Been really stressed out at work. Getting better at it. Guess my knowledge is still all there just under cobwebs. Case of if you don’t use it you’d lose it.

I haven’t worked in a rehab ward since 2010! Luckily this week I’m working both days there and can work ahead.

Enough of the whinging.

It’s the weekend after all.

We managed to get away last weekend. I’m wondering how they get inside the house?
And since I made an effort to bring my big camera. There’s not many photos to post.
It’s like a little fairy tree.
He was stubborn as! We were going to have a fire and that’s it! Managed to squeeze it in on Monday night before heading back to Melbourne. It rained on and off! Every time we took the chairs out it rained! Was so sick of it I ate my dinner in the caravan. Left him to eat it in the rain.