Thursday he didn’t come. Saturday he didn’t come either.

I kept busy. Went for a walk with my girl friend coming home in time just in case.

Sand sculpture

We walked all the way to Elwood.

White sand! Sun was out and it was warm well kind of.
I get by..
Love the architecture
So many beautiful houses.
I love them all
How cool is this one?
Ran into another friend on way back from my walk so went over to her place for a drink.

Then I quickly freshened up and caught a tram into the city to watch a movie with I, me and myself.

The cinema was in the same complex. A tiny boutique one.

I saw Good Luck To You Leo Grande. It was hilarious!

I’m very tired today. Must be the 20-30K steps yesterday. Finally gotten around to install my Noren.

Mr AM came over last night. No action as I had my monthly. He had a call out for work so he gave me a service call as well 😂

We spent the night drinking tea and talking. He showed me photos of his family. Asked me which one was his wife? I guessed right. Bummer thing is he’s thinking of moving to the country once he retires. And I’m a city girl.

We fiddled around and I gave him a BJ and I swallowed. He said I’m naughty.