Mr Wanderer wants to meet up after the game. I had dance class. Then went home to shower and drop off the shopping.

Bought mum a nice winter scarf for Mother’s Day. Bought myself a little bag for my phone when I go to dance parties. I can wear it.

I timed the game wrong as didn’t realise he has drinks afterwards. He must be in the corporate box.

So I’m sitting in a cafe having a chai latte and blogging.

Please remind me to never date someone that barracks for the same footy team as me?

I never learn! I’ve dated 3 guys so far and they are all no go.

I went back on AM and guess who I bumped into? Mr Refrigeration. He wrote may be we’ve met before and he would love to chat again. I put two and two together to work out it was him.

As soon as he told me where he was located I knew. The photo confirmed it.

Men..tomorrow I’ve got another date for lunch. Then dance class at night.

What happened happened..Mr Wanderer shouted me to dinner. Then he paid for Uber to take us back to my place. We had tea and cake.

After tea and cake we did the deed. It’s becoming a habit! The thing is sex is so much better now that we are not together anymore. How weird is that?