I’m a horn bag 😂 Last week I had 6 gos. Saturday I had two guys. Then Sunday Mr Wanderer.

Tuesday I had a guy that I met before I met Mr Wanderer. Then on Wednesday I had Mr Wanderer and again on Thursday morning before he left.

I’m having a break this week as my period came finally 😂 it’s been missing for months? Either that or I didn’t record last time it came?

I’m letting Mr Refrigeration stew. I think he can’t find anyone so he’s wanting to play with me again. He did say sorry. I’m not sure if I want to. I mean he’s a great lover. Just..

Last night I had a drink date with Mr Landscaper. He lives in Port and is really nice. Not sure if I’m feeling it.

This morning I had a walking date with Mr Salesman. Again a nice guy but I didn’t feel it. He was slouching and walked like an old man and he was probably as short as me.

This afternoon I had another walking date. Mr Financial adviser. He was tall, had nice teeth and quite cute with blue eyes.

We got on like a house on fire. He’s got older kids. And loves his beer and food with a belly to match. I was rubbing his belly 😂

He wants to meet again on Tuesday. So will see. We did kiss good bye and he’s not bad at it. The thing is we met on AM. He’s single like me. Not an app to meet your Mr Forever.

But then nothing is what it seems.

Sunset the other night.
Chicken Phở
Walked to the dock this morning. It’s a working dock.
Army ship in port for ANZACs day

For now I’m happy to take it slow. Not fussed. I’ve got plenty of FWB to call on for sex. Mr Boardie was like looks like I’ll have to take a number 😂